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Our style here at Bushel and a Peck always has a lush, romantic, whimsical feel.  We are firm believers in getting to know our clients and incorporating who you are into our designs.  We love to use color, draw from nature, and incorporate natural elements whenever possible.  The asymmetric lines created in the branches of a tree, or the way the ocean waves move and change.  Those bits of movement and unexpected make florals come to life.  We love taking your thoughts and elevating them into things beyond your expectations. We always go above and beyond for our people, because you are OUR people and we LOVE you.  

Our style

" Marianne Creates Romantic, Feminine And Chic Designs Filled With The Most Perfect Color Combinations You've Ever Seen.
Her Bouquet's Are Balanced And Always Seem To Have A Beautiful Shape To Them That Feels Current And Classic At The Same Time."



simple chair pieces:             $25
Aisle entrance Pieces:          $300
Aisle ground Pieces:             $250
Simple Backdrop:                  $600
Asymmetrical Arbor:             $1,800
Full Arbor:                              $3,000

Cocktail Tables:                      $25
Centerpieces:                         $150
Banquet Table:                       $200
Mantle Pieces:                        $350
Staircase Installations:           $800
Chandelier Installations:        $400

Brides bouquets:                    $325
Bridesmaid Bouquets:            $125
Corsages:                                 $35
Boutonnieres:                          $18
Flower Girl Crowns:                 $45


Minimum Order $3,000

starting prices listed below

Orders Will Be Customized To Your Event

Like what you've seen so far.... want to see what we can do for you?  We would LOVE to chat!  We take a limited number of clients each month, and usually book out 6-12 months in advance, so don't hesitate to reach out.  We are so happy to meet you, we look forward to getting to know you and being a part of something special.  

Inquire with us

Step 1

After you reach out, we will send a welcome email with a questionnaire to fill out.  We want to know all about you!  Your taste, your vendors, your colors.... all the deets.  This information and any visual images provided will be used in a preliminary design board and bid that we will discuss at our initial consultation.  We will also select a day and time to meet up either a virtually or an in person.    

Questionnaire & Consultation

Step 2

At our fist consultation we will go over the preliminary visual design board, and all the numbers.  We add, take away, edit, and make any adjustments necessary to fine tune our plans.  A few days after this meeting you will receive the official design board and bid to review on-line and decide if you'd like to move forward.

Visual Design Board& Bid

Step 3

After reviewing the official visual proposal and design bid you will approve the plans by returning the signed contract and paying the deposit.    

Sign Contract & Pay Deposit

Step 4

Six weeks before your event, we will meet up one last time.  Sometimes this meeting is done in person, sometimes its done on a site visit to discuss any other options or ideas.  Or many people like to confirm everything by phone or email.  We are happy to make this appointment whatever you need to make you feel confident, warm, fuzzy about your day. 

Final Consultation

Step 5

The week of your event is very busy and can be a stressful time.  We are confident we will make the floral part smooth and effortless.  We will be working non-stop this week to make sure every bloom, every leaf, every detail is taken care of and placed according to plan.  When we arrive, we promise there will be tears... oh and hugs.. always lots of hugs! 

Delivery and Installation of Florals

Step 6

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